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Fly fishing tuition and events

We offer, tuition for beginners and experienced anglers, tailored sessions, coaching, corporate events, private parties etc.

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Thank you for visiting Fly Fishing You.

We are anglers who have advanced through the coarse and sea disciplines into game angling and are passionate about fly fishing for trout and other species in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and sea, primarily in Sussex and Surrey, South East of England.

Fly Fishing 4 You is an enterprise born out of our passion for fly-fishing in the rural environment. Being both fully insured and Licensed Game Angling Instructors,we are also listed by Fly Fishing Tackle Retailer Fishtec in their index of fly fishing instructors.  Very involved in the sport, we are determined to provide a unique fly-fishing experience for our clients and participants to enjoy.

Fly Casting, although a necessary skill in its own right, will not on its own, enable you to catch fish. That's why we offer Fly Fishing experiences that include ‘a lot of other stuff’ to ensure that you are successful and enjoy your fishing.

We offer tailored sessions ranging from 1 to 1 Coaching, (recommended for the absolute beginner), ranging right through to full or half day experiences for corporate events and private parties. All of our ‘Special Days’ can be tailored to suit location, individual needs and budget.

When coaching and instructing we will dedicate ourselves to helping you to improve your knowledge, skills and techniques, or to learn a completely new technique using a structured lesson plan.

As fly-fishing guides we will be specifically focussed in helping you to get the most out of your fly-fishing experience with us. We will be concentrating on ensuring that you understand water craft and can catch fish safely whilst having fun rather than the specific skills and techniques you use to do so. Having said that, we will always be happy to provide a degree of instruction and advice at the same time.

It is our specific aim for you to enjoy your time spent with us and to use it as a springboard to enhance your success and enjoyment of this wonderful sport.